The title is pretty much self-explanatory but, for the sake of a proper introduction, this is where I combine two of my passions: Writing and Marketing.

Obviously, I do this for myself because I enjoy it. But I’m also here to serve you. My hope is that you find my blog an interesting read, a place where you can sometimes get a good laugh, learn something and also teach me back. Feel free to explore, comment and disagree with me.

Now, a quick guide to what you’ll find on this page:

  • All Things Marketing. The blog page where you’ll find my thoughts on all kinds of subjects ranging from Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Trends and, of course, Marketing. I post mostly original articles but I also curate content I find interesting.
  • Licenciado. E agora? is a special section with career advice dedicated to fellow Portuguese young professionals.
  • About me. Did you know I’m also a Hip Hop Head? To know me even better, check out my about.me profile.


Rute Silva Brito