About me

I’m a business strategist with an entrepreneurial mindset.

My career so far has been a myriad of so many exciting projects in so many different industries. Over the past 9 years, I worked in the corporate world for two big companies where I launched new products and re-structured an entire department. I quit one of those jobs to launch an online store that sold manga and anime merchandise, and a pop up store in a major mall, selling German music boxes.

I did some freelance consulting. At 16, I was part of a team that pioneered online content and became a cornerstone of the HipHop culture in Portugal. I worked 3 years at a small events company and we ended up building a beach in the countryside in record time and with almost no resources.

Lisbon native, I spent two years in Dubai where I worked for an investment group as entrepreneur in-house / business strategy consultant.

I’ve traveled a lot. I can focus better working on my MacBook at a busy cafe than in a quiet office (people watching ftw). I’m obsessed with learning so I love to read, but what I like the most is to learn from other people.

I see so much of myself in these projects: HipHop, Sports, Business, Music, Technology… I’ve been blessed in being able to combine my interests with my work. Now, I’ve taken one step further by moving to New York City to work on two projects that help fulfill my life’s purpose. Find out more about what I’m building below.

Get in touch: info@rutesilvabrito.com


logoMost of us grew up playing a sport that we genuinely loved until life happened and we eventually quit playing. With a busy schedule it’s hard to find other players within our circle of friends who are able to meet regularly for a game.

For me it was soccer. I had a good decade playing in an official league, at school, with my dad’s team (he was the coach) or simply for fun, until an injury forced me to focus on my business career. Ten years later, I still miss those days. But it’s hard to start playing again.

I set out to solve this problem by creating Dribblin, a platform that connects players and allows users to book sports venues online. We’re currently finishing our MVP and getting ready to launch it in New York.

Drop me a line at rute@dribblin.com if you see yourself being a part of Dribblin.


Personal relationships are arguably the most important thing in life but the way we meet new people is mostly left to chance. Despite being more connected than ever, there is still no way of making sure we meet people relevant to us.

The right person, at the right time.

That is what my partner Jesus Blanco and I set out to accomplish with Privilink. We want to democratize access to people the same way Google democratized access to information.

Privilink is an app that connects users to anyone around the world based on what matters most to them – their shared interests. Our platform guarantees highly relevant connections by mapping what we call the user DNA, which gives Privilink insight into who people really are and whom they should be meeting based on contextual data.

Privilink is part of Linktia, an investment group based in Dubai and led by Jesus who is their co-founder, CEO and a true entrepreneur at heart.

We are building a team to launch Privilink very soon and would love to hear from you: rute@privi.link.